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Hi, I'm Bethany Montecalvo

Welcome home,

Take a stroll through my site and LET ME show you my heart and passion. I love Jesus Christ, people, health and beauty.  I’ve worked in the television and film industry since I was in my 20's. I felt called to step away from the industry during COVID and focus on ministry and developing my small business here in Florida. I wanted to speak, teach, and break chains for women through the power of the Holy Spirit. This is what I'm doing. Everyday is different and I love that. I might be speaking and teaching to a group, talking to women about how we honor our bodies through food that gives us life and how we can build our immune system to fight the good fight to stay healthy. Teaching one on one or a group of ladies doing makeup lessons to give them that glow also, to glow with a non-toxic spray tan. I love meeting my client's needs and having personal group gathers at the client's home. My favorite is sharing God's word because our identity is found only in Jesus Christ. 

  women to live a happy healthy freedom filled life ​through Jesus Christ, wellness & beaut

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Healthy Beauty By Bethany

I’ve had the privilege of having extensive training and education in the beauty, health and wellness industry. I look back and see the grace in my life that has all had a purpose to connect the roads to here and now. I am a licensed medical esthetician, and a union makeup artist, a speaker, and health coach. I’ve had the honor of being the makeup artist to many stars and my background is in the television and film industry. Some of the companies I have worked for are ESPN, NFL, NHL, HBO, Showtime, Sony Pictures, and Netflix to share a few. My passion is to educate and empower women to live a healthy and joyful freedom filled life only found in Jesus Christ. The value of educating on good skin care and how to create beauty through health and good nutrition and not at the expense of it. I unapologetically encourage women that their idenity is only found in Christ and provide knowledge of wellness in the physical. 



You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.  


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